Commercial UV Light Solutions

Our UV light solutions are designed to address a spectrum of challenges, from airborne germs in office spaces to unpleasant odors in restaurants and bars. Whether you operate a hotel, nursing home, or salon, our commitment to sales, installation, and service translates to a safer, fresher environment for both employees and clients.


UV Light Solutions

Sanuvox S100

Wall or ceiling UV system, covers up to 800 square feet

Sanuvox P900

Portable UV system, covers up to 800 square feet

Sanuvox S1000

UV system with filtration, covers up to 15,000 square feet

Sanuvox S300

Wall or duct mounted UV system with HEPA filtration

Sanuvox IL Coil Clean

UV system for evaporators on large HVAC systems

Sanuvox Quattro

Ducted UV system for HVAC equipment, up to 5 tons UV

Sanuvox Bio-Wall

Ducted UV system for large commercial and industrial HVAC systems

Our Services

Comprehensive Services for Your Business


Delivering an array of premium UV air purification systems customized to suit your commercial environment.


Expertly installing your system to maximize functionality and elevate the air quality within your premises.


Ensuring consistent and thorough service to maintain the durability and effectiveness of your installed system.

Commercial UV Light Applications

Address airborne pollutants in diverse commercial settings, fostering a healthier work atmosphere. By neutralizing molds, bacteria, VOCs, and unpleasant smells, our systems improve air quality, support well-being, and boost the efficiency of HVAC units.

Office Spaces

Hotels & Motels

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Nursing Homes

Salons & Spas

Restaurants & Bars

Schools & Universities

Healthcare Facilities

Animal Shelters & Pet Stores

Public Transportation Terminals

Benefits of UV Light

Experience the Transformative Power of UV Light in Purifying Indoor Environments

Kills Bacteria, Mold, and Viruses

Safeguard your home against harmful micro-organisms, enhancing the health of your living space.

Destroys Chemicals and VOCs

Neutralize harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds, improving indoor air purity.

Eliminates Odors

Effectively remove unpleasant smells, fostering a fresher and more pleasant home environment.

Protects Employee Health

Foster a healthier environment, contributing to the overall well-being of your workforce.


Hear from Our Satisfied Customers at Air Purify Ottawa

The perfume and cologne smell at my office is disgusting. Some people don’t realize or just don’t care about offending others beside them. I bought the portable 900 UV light to make going to work bearable. I wish I got 2 of them.
Tina W.
I run a daycare and I happily advertise my personal efforts and expense to ensure a sterile environment for the kids. Parents are appreciative.
I have the portable machine in my office. It is whisper quiet and I just know I breathe better. If I didn’t try a demo model that was offered to me, I would not have believed they work. This is the perfect gift. A bit expensive I think, but worth it.
Joan S.
I use the S100 for my massage practice. It’s wall mounted and quiet. Ensuring purified air is an important value-add to my customers.
S. Kim
I smoke indoors. UV lights work. Especially useful on poker night. It is really quiet too.
Serge B.
Perfect for my Office.
Dr. Tony B.

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Commercial UV Light Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

A wide variety of commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, nursing homes, hotels, salons, and more can significantly benefit from UV light applications by improving air quality and reducing contaminants.

UV light systems use ultraviolet light to inactivate airborne pathogens and allergens, thereby decreasing the concentration of contaminants in the air and improving overall air quality.

By reducing airborne contaminants and pathogens, UV light systems create a cleaner environment, potentially decreasing the incidence of illness and contributing to the overall well-being of employees.

UV light systems effectively neutralize bacteria, viruses, and molds in the air, making the indoor atmosphere fresher and reducing odors associated with stagnant air.

Yes, we provide comprehensive sales, expert installation, and reliable service for a number of Ultra Violet Air Purification Systems, ensuring optimal performance in commercial settings.

By improving air quality, reducing the spread of illnesses, and thereby decreasing absenteeism, UV lights can contribute to a healthier, more comfortable, and more productive working environment.

Yes, when installed and used correctly, UV light systems are safe and effective in commercial environments, providing benefits such as improved air quality and reduced illness.

Maintenance requirements can vary, but generally involve regular inspection, cleaning, and bulb replacement to ensure the system remains effective. We offer comprehensive service options to assist with maintenance needs.

Yes, UV light systems are designed to be compatible with a variety of HVAC systems and can be integrated to enhance the efficiency and air purification capabilities of existing systems.